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SyncThink upgrades hardware version 2.0 to Gear VR with built-in eye trackers.

SyncThink works with Shire to apply SyncThink technology to clinical models.


SyncThink awarded FDA clearance for EYE-SYNC, and its 10th patent.


Stanford adopts and develops protocol around EYE-SYNC.


SyncThink integrates eye tracking assessments onto emerging VR platform, called EYE-SYNC.



SyncThink is awarded Department of Defense grant to develop lightweight platform for field use.


SyncThink develops head-mounted eye tracking platform using clam shell design.

Brain Trauma Foundation awarded $25M grant to pursue largest-ever ocular-motor clinical study. 


First prototype headset developed.

Dr. Ghajar, Dr. Jun Maruta, and study link of predictive eye tracking impairment.



SyncThink founded to develop mobile eye tracking technology and analytics in support of research with Department of Defense.



In 2006, Dr. Jam Ghajar and Dr. Minah Suh publish an investigation into predictive eye tracking and mild traumatic brain injury (concussion) for Brain Trauma Foundation (BTF).

Two years later, Dr. Ghajar and Dr. Richard Ivry publish a new theory of Predictive Brain State – a mechanism for attention that is affected by injury.


First study of timing impairments funded by the James S. McDonnell Foundation, conducted in a collaboration between University of California, San Francisco, University of California, Berkeley, and Weill Cornell Medical College. The study was led by Dr. Jam Ghajar, Principal Investigator.

Blog: Thinking Outside the Box: Utilizing Eye Tracking to Diagnose Cervical Dysfunction After Whiplash

Read our latest installment from clinical expert Marie Boo.

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ESPN Soccer Analyst and Former MLS Star Taylor Twellman Joins SyncThink Advisory Board

Twellman hopes to make soccer safer through evangelizing novel technology.

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Blog: My Clinical Evaluation Using the EYE-SYNC Technology

When I examine an athlete, I need to devote ample time to effectively and safely assess many systems in the body that help the athlete perform at top physical and cognitive performance.  After collecting a subjective history, including injury mechanism of injury, I do a thorough binocular vision exam.

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SyncThink Announces Collaboration with Magic Leap for Eye-Tracking Applications Related to User’s Brain Health

As announced at CES 2019…

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Blog: Quality Assessment of EYE-SYNC’s Eye Movement Data

(Valid) Data. My precious… Several years ago, I was fortunate to be involved in an exciting large-scale eye tracking study. The team had spent countless hours recruiting subjects, conducting surveys, and gathering data. We had waited eagerly for several months to take a peek at the data, but the data czars had wisely cautioned us […]

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Blog: Why the Game Needs EYE-SYNC: A Player’s Perspective

Have you ever thought about how much detail and nuance you are missing each moment of the day? Of the infinite information coming in through our senses from the world around us, our brains do an amazing job of discerning what is immediately important, and what we can allow to fade into the background. If […]

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Blog: The Predictive Brain State

Our brains have an inherent challenge. It takes time to process information and the outside world is not still, nor are we. So we are always in the past. Yet we interact in the present- catch the ball, have conversations and drive our cars. How do we do it if all we sense has already happened?

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SyncThink Launches “SyncThink Express” Injury Response Solution

Palo Alto, CA—October 3, 2018 – EYE-SYNC technology and SyncThink support team now available at a moment’s notice for programs at all levels […]

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NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback and San Francisco 49er Legend Steve Young Joins the SyncThink Advisory Board

Palo Alto, CA – September 10, 2018 — Pioneering brain health analytics company, SyncThink, announces Steve Young will join the company as an advisor.

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Q&A with Laura Yecies, CEO of Neuro-Technology Company SyncThink

By Andrea Smith – July 2nd, 2018 If you’re looking to join a company where you can use your tech skills and make a huge impact on brain health, take a look at SyncThink. The neuro-technology and brain health analytics company, founded in 2009 and based in Palo Alto, CA., develops eye-tracking technology analytics that give medical […]

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Blog: Adapting to Innovation: Integrating Eye Tracking Metrics into Your Clinical Practice

Through the process of discovery and innovation, the evolution of clinical practice affords clinicians the opportunity to gain new skills and improve decision making as a result of new, high-fidelity patient data collected and enhanced workflow these opportunities create. Today, however, we have seen a glut of emerging technologies, diagnostics, and equipment create confusion in […]

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SyncThink’s EYE-SYNC Named Best New Technology Solution for Monitoring by MedTech Breakthrough Awards

June 6, 2018—Palo Alto, CA—SyncThink, a leader in neurotechnology and brain health analytics with foundational IP in eye tracking, had its EYE-SYNC technology named by MedTech Breakthrough as the best new technology solution for monitoring in its 2018 MedTech Breakthrough Awards program. The EYE-SYNC technology is an eye tracking solution currently used by top organizations […]

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