The full package

The case

The goggles

The tablet

What's included

  1. Comprehensive brain health platform, including EYE-SYNC Smooth Pursuit, EYE-SYNC VOR, EYE-SYNC Saccade based assessments.
  2. Wireless, Bluetooth-enabled virtual reality goggles, smartphone, and tablet with protective briefcase
  3. Unlimited usage: No pay per test fees.
  4. Unlimited number of administrators, clinical users, and patients.
  5. Additional tablet based assessments including SCAT5, BESS, and Simple Reaction Time.
  6. Secure, HIPAA compliant data storage.
  7. Initial account activation, device configuration and patient roster upload.
  8. NCAA CARE Consortium compliant.
  9. Comprehensive in person and online training, and ongoing technology education and support.
  10. Unlimited access to an on-demand customer support center and additional content through user learning portal.
  11. Protection against malfunction and normal wear and tear.
  12. Visualizations available with custom data analytics package.

Additional consulting and customization services are available