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SyncThink’s revolutionary eye tracking technology – the window into the brain.

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From subjective guesswork
to objective metrics

Watch how EYE-SYNC is transforming the way medical professionals assess for concussion and monitor ongoing brain performance.

Introducing EYE-SYNC

The first and only complete platform for assessment, recovery, and management.


EYE-SYNC’s eye-target synchronization metrics give clinicians objective, accurate data to help evaluate a key impairment in concussion.


Developed through 15 years of clinical research, supported by over 40 published articles on ocular-motor impairments in concussion, and holding over 10 patents, EYE-SYNC is trusted by leading athletic teams and medical clinics.


In only 60 seconds, administer EYE-SYNC and receive results. Whether on the sidelines or in the clinic, EYE-SYNC provides answers to make informed decisions.


Unlike tests that only evaluate one dimension of concussion, the EYE-SYNC platform offers multiple assessments. From its proprietary smooth pursuit ocular-motor test, to vestibular-balance, SAC, and BESS, EYE-SYNC examines the full spectrum of concussion.

Client testimonial: Massachusetts General Hospital

“Eye Sync technology continues to impact how I evaluate and manage the concussed athlete and service member. Results of eye tracking, using the Eye Sync, have helped facilitate the most appropriate avenue for directing rehab after an athlete has sustained a concussion.  When testing is normal, I feel more confident in gearing rehab toward other contributing systems like impairments coming from the vestibular system or the neck.”

image description Lenore Herget, DPT, M.Ed, SCS, CSCS
Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Sports Physical Therapy, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Massachusetts General Hospital Sports Physical Therapy

Client testimonial: Washington Township Medical Foundation

“Over the last year, our use of the compact, portable, Eye-Sync VR device has resulted in a Paradigm Shift in concussion care. Whether on the sidelines or in the clinic, the fact that we can now assess and serially track the best direction for treatment in an easy-to-perform 1 minute test, has been simply game changing.”

image description Dr. Steve Zonner
Family Medicine
Washington Township Medical Foundation

Client testimonial: Stanford University

“In my opinion, the EYE-SYNC device has significant implications for sideline evaluation, and I can see in the future every pro, college, and high school team having one on the field.”

image description Scott C. Anderson MA, ATC
Director of Athletic Training
Stanford University Sports Medicine

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