The 60-second, objective sideline test that uses eye tracking

Introducing EYE-SYNC® by SyncThink: the first tool to objectively screen for ocular-motor synchronization, a key impairment in concussion. EYE-SYNC® overcomes the limitations of traditional cognitive testing to provide a sidelines-deployable, 60-second tool for remove-from-play screening and return-to-play brain performance monitoring.

Screening, Recovery, Maintenance

Portable, real-time assessment of ocular-motor synchronization

In under 60 seconds, SyncThink’s groundbreaking, proprietary eye tracking technology, EYE-SYNC, screens for ocular-motor impairments. EYE-SYNC’s comprehensive platform includes vestibular, SAC and reaction time assessments.

Objective Testing

Intuitive to administer, EYE-SYNC®’s evidence-based metrics provide smooth pursuit eye-tracking scores that give clinicians clear answers that are not effected by learning bias or level of effort.

Proven Technology

Developed through 15 years of clinical research, EYE-SYNC® holds over 10 patents and is trusted by leading athletic departments and clinics throughout the country.

Screening and Recovery Tool

Beyond assessing impairments at time of injury, EYE-SYNC® supports ongoing brain performance by monitoring visual attention in various training and environmental situations.

Years of research, applied.

Dr. Jam Ghajar MD, PhD, FACS has dedicated his career to unlocking the mysteries behind concussions. EYE-SYNC® is the culmination of years of research in the field by Dr. Ghajar and the Brain Trauma Foundation. See how EYE-SYNC® changes the way he approaches concussion.

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Attention Pathways
Brain Metrics
Quantifying Attention

Objective insight
60 seconds or less.

  • is fast.

    Every second counts when assessing injuries on the sidelines. EYE-SYNC® smooth pursuit eye tracking takes less time than a medical timeout to administer.

  • is accurate.

    No other assessment tool gives objective metrics to help make critical decisions. Further, unlike other tools, EYE-SYNC® isn’t affected by learning bias or level of effort.

  • is reliable.

    SyncThink has tested its metrics on over 10,000 soldiers and athletes and shown a greater than 0.8 test-retest reliability - far exceeding other cognitive tests.

60 seconds

Test Demo

This is a demonstration of the actual test used in the EYE-SYNC® technology. Hit play to see the test in real time - don’t stray far, it takes less than a minute.

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On the sidelines or in the clinic

Where and when you need it

Historically, cognitive assessment tools are have been tedious, inaccurate, or immobile. EYE-SYNC® delivers world-class clinical tools from the playing eld to the battleeld. Plus, EYE-SYNC® supports better ongoing brain performance by allowing for monitoring of patients’ visual attention in various training and environmental situations.

follows patients from the
field into the clinician's office.
Our reliability and precision
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Coaches and trainers
need to make fast on-field
decisions that might place an
athlete in harm's way. The EYE-SYNC®
is a mobile, objective assessment
that provides clarity after
an injury.

Playing Field

EYE-SYNC® is a
functional assessment that
provides real-time information to
commanders on the battlefield. Spot
and care for injury before it
becomes a danger to the


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